Now Introducing.... Just Like the Phoenix

The Story of Just like the Phoenix: It's time to fly!

BukekaStyle and TL Meet 

When Bukeka Blakemore and TL Jones met, desire to collaborate was immediate. TL with a knack for being able to quickly create compositions had a chorus structured to a song called Just like the Phoenix, but the versus were not emerging like they normally do. Bukeka with a track record of writing lyrics are inspiring called TL as said “let me take a stab at it”.      

Then one early morning Bukeka sent a recording of her singing these lyrics: “There’s no mystery or myth as to how long I’ve been doing this, inspiring possibly in the millions those I may never see. I’ve been consistent in my game but now I’m ready for a change, it’s time to let go of the old me, and rise again”.    

The EP Release 

The title track of the EP Just like the Phoenix is co-written by BukekaStyle and TL Jones. The recording of the title track Just like the Phoenix was released in August 2017 on the Sillymoneyrecords label. In May 2017 the EP by the same name was completed at Westend Recording Studio located in Kansas City, Kansas. On August 25, 2017 the EP was officially released.      

Just like the Phoenix Documentary Short and Music Video  

This song is now the inspiration for a documentary short & music video. The planning for this film production includes shooting in Kansas City and Los Angeles. Just like the Phoenix film project will capture the inspiring message of rising above obstacles while maintaining the inherent beauty that lies within.   

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Just a sneak peek

Just like the Phoenix is the title track off of the newest EP. It is a tell of hope and finding yourself set to a cinematic score. 

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On air performance

BukekaStyle had the privilege of being asked to perform on air for a local station. Needless to say, she killed it! Don't take our word for it, look for yourself!

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Web Exclusive

If being on the actual show wasn't enough, here is an exclusive on air performance only available on the web. Enjoy!

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FabuTainment Interviews BukekaStyle

This is the one of the first interviews that I did in regards to my EP "Just like the Phoenix". Who knew that this interview would lead to me working with them in the future on my next music video!